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The Exercise Bike That Experts Claim Can Burn 5,200 Calories Per Hour.

Assault Air BikeIn recent times, the booming health and wellness craze has sparked growing interest in unusual exercise regimes and intense workout programmes designed to burn fat like never before.

From high intensity interval training (HITT) to the Australian fitness cults Orange Theory and F45, people of all ages are willing to try anything in pursuit of a flawless physique.

The latest trend for working up a serious sweat is the assault bike, a high-resistance piece of equipment that pushes users to the limit for a full body session claiming to burn a staggering 5,200 calories – in just one hour.

Investing in an assault bike for personal use will set you back a cool $799.

According to assault bike retailers Rogue Fitness, the equipment ‘reinvents and retools nearly every component of the traditional fan exercise bike’, from the frame to the crank, pedals and monitors.

Using gravitational resistance from the air, the assault bike automatically determines how hard you work – in other words, the harder you pedal, the greater the resistance.

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